Ever have that feeling you’re being watched?

Odd enough to make you look, no matter what city they roll into. These vehicles cut through the noise at the busiest intersections in the country. This picture was taken through the window of our taxi in Times Square, NYC. Spoiler alert: this is a standard reaction.

Boost organic engagement across digital platforms

Word is out and spreading beyond the streets and into newsfeeds. The British Taxi turns chance sightings into trending social media conversations. We help brands build connections that traditional out-of-home media solutions simply cannot compete with. Be ready for a digital spike in activity when the cars roll out with your branding.

Leverage instant awareness in the biggest markets

There are only two types of people. Those that have seen the taxis before, they stare a long time…then there are those that haven’t, they stare a long time too. Our vehicles are playful and interactive for everyone to enjoy. Our mobile billboard campaigns are a sight to behold.

Special guests will always remember when you sent for ‘that’ car

Positive connections are what it’s all about.  If you’ve ever recalled a fond memory with a warm smile, we specialize in making those moments –  it’s a bi-product of ‘living’ the meaningful experiences we deliver. Go on, have a selfie!  Everyone else is doing it.

Harness the power of sensory branding

We have feelings too, you know. For a deeper connection, people can hop in the taxi and be immersed in a world that’s limited only by your imagination.  Check out these mobile ‘make-over’ units from Charlotte Tilbury in Texas, what will you decide to do?

Drivers that double as Brand Ambassadors

We hire people that understand the vehicles and the critical role they play when they represent you.  The recruiting process is a serious business for us, our chauffeurs are hand picked for each role because we believe in pairing the right people with the right occasions. The Palm Springs weather called for casual attire on this occasion.

Scramble street teams effectively

Ben Sherman used the taxis to move their Brand Ambassadors around NYC and LA. Not only was it a big statement, it made the day move really smoothly.  We were able to hit up multiple locations without any coordination headaches. Here we are pictured outside The London Hotel in West Hollywood, one of several stops that day.