This is a rare convertible London Taxi

She has a sound system that can be DJ’d by the driver or you can hook up your phone/MP3 player and spin your own tunes.

Like all British taxis, guests can enjoy a roomy rear bench seat facing forward.  When other guests join the party, jump seats can be pulled down to allow a traditional carriage like environment where guests face each other, creating a travel experience like nothing else. Suicide doors allow easy entry and exit and a sliding glass partition allows more privacy when required.

She has a removable clear top that is great for site seeing or star gazing, nothing beats the impact of arriving to a party or leaving a ceremony in a open top British taxi. She has a custom fitted cooling system to ensure comfortable transportation when it is hot outside, and a heating system to combat those cold winter nights.

She seats five passengers, however she is perfect for parties of two – four passengers.